Vikings Season 4 Episode 5 Live Stream

Vikings Season 4 Episode 5 Live Stream

Vikings Season 4 Episode 5 Live Stream,Betrayal has been the constant theme in History Channel’s Vikings. But, it seems the ante has been upped in episode 5, season 4 as Floki is, once again, in the midst of a potential betrayal with Ragnar Lothbrok. And, as fans suspected, an epic battle between Ragnar and his brother, Rollo, who betrayed him on multiple occasions, is expected to come to loggerheads at some point soon.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 5 Live Stream

The first thing of interest to note is that King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzén) seems to have already begun to throw his weight around, declaring that his group are “the masters now.” Whether this is just a threat or the actual truth is yet to be seen though. It appears he is talking to Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is looking on.Next we see Erlendur (Edvin Endre) telling Kalf (Ben Robson) to “kill her child.” After a crossbow is fired, Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) is then seen carrying one of her children, so it could be assumed one of Ragnar’s sons dies in episode 5 of Vikings. However, considering this is the History Channel and they are trying to follow the viking sagas associated with Ragnar Lothbrok, it seems unlikely this will actually eventuate.


This sneak peek expands on the brief flash of Floki and King Finehair from the first teaser video. In it Finehair is questioning as to why the creator of the boats that changed the viking world would have a falling out with King Ragnar. As Floki describes it, this happened because he killed Ragnar’s “pet Christian”. It seems like Floki could very well be keen on revenge, especially after he exchanges a knowing look with Aslaug. Is this a conspiracy to get Ragnar killed?The final video is actually a mid-season teaser video. While season 4 of Vikings will actually run for an extended season of 20 episodes this year, it will be broken up into two mini seasons. So, therefore, it is unclear whether this video is a teaser for episode 5 or episode 10 of Vikings. However, regardless of which episode this teaser is for, the result is still the same: at some point soon Ragnar will clash with his brother, Rollo (Clive Standen)

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